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In the heart of one of the country’s most exciting cites stands one of its most magnificent structures – The Stacks. Soaring tall and proud, it has risen boldly to the sky since its creation in 1881.
From bustling 19th century textile mill to stylish residences, it is the stuff of which legends are made. The Stacks has evolved into its own vital community offering one-of-a-kind dwellings.
Today, it is home to artists and educators, families and students, all of whom have chosen to live surrounded by some of our most unique neighborhoods. Just moments from your door are Cabbagetown, Old 4th Ward and historic Grant Park. A very short distance away you’ll find Inman Park, Little Five Points and The Highlands.
The Stacks is the perfect blend of lore and HISTORY, offering a premiere LOCATION for city lovers and a unique LIFESTYLE that can be found at no other condominium community in Atlanta.


This is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home

If you want to sell your home, some experts say this is the perfect time to list. With many excess homes already sold, the demand for quality and well kept homes is on the rise. Low interest rates and ever lower prices are driving this force. Once again, the key to actually selling your home is establishing a competetive price. We have seen homes on the market for over 2 years at this point and this is strictly due to an overpriced listing. if the buyers see your home and don’t feel as though they are getting a “deal”, there is no way it will be sold. Before listing your home, do some research on your own. Speak with friends who have recently bought or sold. Keep up to date with local trends and be mindful of the relative prices of similar homes. 


30-Year Mortgage Rates Slide Below 5%

Rates fell for the third straight week, creating an attractive lure to potential buyers still on the fence.

Look at these rates! I have been watching the financial news lately and the BIG news is weak bond rates with mortgage rates following close behind. I hear these analyists saying the rates are going to trend higher, and how the fed needs to raise rates because the economy is trending back upward. This is a lie. We are no closer to recovery now than we were a year ago. Healthcare has yet to be finalized (if you think it will….it won’t). Yes, residential real estate is gaining strength, but the amout of available homes is a telltale sign of what is going on. More Americans than ever can’t afford these homes for sale because of education loans exceeding $100,000. How are you able to maintain a credit score of 600+ with an extremely unattractive debt-equity ratio. Did I mention healthcare? Try qualifying for a $90,000 mortgage making 10/hr, along with loan payments, car payments, pet payments, rent, insurance, food, tv, internet, gas…(insert any other expenses) and then come speak with me.

**Market Update**

One questions has come to the forefront throughout this entire recession…
Are any homes actually selling?
The answer is YES! But there are factors one must observe when offering their home to the market. One main reason many homes are selling is due to the COMPETITIVE PRICING of each individual home. This is a buyers market and what comes with this type of market is INCREDIBLE DEALS! The Atlanta housing market has been down for 13 consecutive quarters. This is an amazing statistic, but one can easily see the effect…incredibly low prices. In November, there were 3,630 closings of detached single family homes. This is a 32.9% increase compared to November 2008. As the supply of homes decreases through the next few months, do not expect prices to remain this low. Here are a few examples of competitively priced homes that have recently sold in a DOWN market.

Twelve Atlantic Station
This owner had over $400k invested in this beautiful condo, but realized the need to drop the price significantly. We just closed this week for a sale price of $199k. What a Deal!

Fairhaven Circle (Buckhead)
This home was listed by Margie Stockton and received a full price offer of $439,000 within 24 hours of being listed. Once again, competitive pricing worked its magic.

Stovall Bloulevard (Brookhaven)
This beautiful home in the heart of Brookhaven is valued at over 1 million. The sellers quickly realized they would not receive that type of value in this market. They dropped the sale price to $925,500 and just closed this past week for $840,000. A fantastic deal for the buyer!