30-Year Mortgage Rates Slide Below 5%

Rates fell for the third straight week, creating an attractive lure to potential buyers still on the fence.

Look at these rates! I have been watching the financial news lately and the BIG news is weak bond rates with mortgage rates following close behind. I hear these analyists saying the rates are going to trend higher, and how the fed needs to raise rates because the economy is trending back upward. This is a lie. We are no closer to recovery now than we were a year ago. Healthcare has yet to be finalized (if you think it will….it won’t). Yes, residential real estate is gaining strength, but the amout of available homes is a telltale sign of what is going on. More Americans than ever can’t afford these homes for sale because of education loans exceeding $100,000. How are you able to maintain a credit score of 600+ with an extremely unattractive debt-equity ratio. Did I mention healthcare? Try qualifying for a $90,000 mortgage making 10/hr, along with loan payments, car payments, pet payments, rent, insurance, food, tv, internet, gas…(insert any other expenses) and then come speak with me.

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