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In the heart of one of the country’s most exciting cites stands one of its most magnificent structures – The Stacks. Soaring tall and proud, it has risen boldly to the sky since its creation in 1881.
From bustling 19th century textile mill to stylish residences, it is the stuff of which legends are made. The Stacks has evolved into its own vital community offering one-of-a-kind dwellings.
Today, it is home to artists and educators, families and students, all of whom have chosen to live surrounded by some of our most unique neighborhoods. Just moments from your door are Cabbagetown, Old 4th Ward and historic Grant Park. A very short distance away you’ll find Inman Park, Little Five Points and The Highlands.
The Stacks is the perfect blend of lore and HISTORY, offering a premiere LOCATION for city lovers and a unique LIFESTYLE that can be found at no other condominium community in Atlanta.

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