TrustDale selects Harry Norman, REALTORS® as a trusted source for Atlanta real estate

Several months ago, TrustDale selected Harry Norman, REALTORS® as a trusted source for Atlanta real estate.  Dale Cardwell is a well-respected consumer investigator who is known and highly regarded throughout the state of Georgia. He investigates businesses in the Atlanta community who provide home services, among other things, and determines through a seven step process which of those businesses are highly educated about their product and provide the very best service at a fair price.  According to Dale Cardwell, “Harry Norman, REALTORS® delivers the best price, quality, and luxury service you deserve!”

Dale Cardwell’s TV show airs every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am – noon on Fox 5 Atlanta.  He also a columnist in the Marietta Daily Journal.  Not too long ago, Dale wrote a raving review of Harry Norman, REALTORS® . Here’s a clip:

Who in the world is bullish these days, about real estate?   Who believes May 2011 is a great time to buy a home?  Harry Norman, REALTORS® does.  In the shadow of a scary economy, this company has found a way to make home buying not only fun, but easier!  It’s called VoicePad CurbCall.  Simply put, the system empowers consumers to search for any home with any phone.  All you have to do, in case you drive by a property you like, is enter or speak the street address or multiple listing services ID, and your message integrates with the MLS database to deliver high quality information – in other words, facts about the desired property on the spot!   If you want a visual tour of the home, well go to the company’s website and simply look it up!

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