2011 Interior Design Trends

As we blaze into 2011 at what seems to be warp speed, there are a number of trends that have been circulating regarding the world of interior design. Some ideas are chic and innovative, while others may seem to be lacking, but I feel as though design is in the eye of the beholder, and if you feel strongly about a particular design strategy or type of material, use it! Forget about what people say and use what makes your inner-self happy and content. Remember, you are the one who will be living with the design selection, not your friends.


Wallpaper on the Ceiling? Yes, Really.

You heard correctly—there’s a growing trend which is novel, fun and funky and we predict it’s going to take hold in a big way. Remember the feature wall? Well, that little design feature (ahem, pun intended) certainly enjoyed its hey-day(s), and then when we’d done that trend to death it somehow morphed into the papered feature wall and enjoyed a brief revitalisation. After that, people got brave and began papering entire rooms, until the though struck–and spread—that those poor paperless ceilings must be mighty lonely and neglected up there. Enter the papered ceiling, a twist on the feature wall that’s oh-so-frivolous and just a little bit mad-tea-party-esque. Delightful!

Yin and Yang

Everything about our society is screaming out for a little bit of balance. We need more work/life balance, we need more production/consumption balance, and we certainly need more balance in our health and social lives. The same is true for interior design. After years of ‘bold’ and ‘clashing’ and ‘ironic’ design trends, we’ve realised that what we really need, long term, is balance. Cool, calm, serene and oh-so-symmetrical balance. We want harmony with the environment, light and shade, raw material with dashes of colour. In a post GFC world, we’re all about moderation and understated elegance. This one could be here to stay.

Ethical Flooring

Following on from the whole balance trend, 2011 is sure to see a boom in ethical flooring. More than ever before we’re able to choose from a range of sustainable and stylish options, which means footprint-friendly-flooring and natural (and renewable) resources used to make them. Hoorah!

With 2011 hurtling towards us with terrifying speed (where did 2010 go?) it is also interesting to reflect on the past few year to see how the events and innovations will shape the future. Certainly the environment has played a big part, but we also seem more sensible, more grown up as a society. Balance, holistic living and smarter, more sustainable choices are my picks for 2011–and if that all seems a bit too drab…well, you can always paper your ceiling!


Cary Daniel Blumenfeld





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