Facebook Changes Dramatically

Are you ready for this? Many of us are completely oblivious to the changes coming in the next month or so, and many will wonder why such a dramatic change in the layout of Facebook profile pages. Many still have no idea that you can actually go ahead and change your Facebook profile to the new page layout this very second…very exciting I must say. But once again, why? This new profile is called “Facebook Timeline” and is packed full new features. According to Pete Cashmore, special contributor to CNN,

“Your Facebook profile will go from having one central column to two, with boxes of text, photos, videos and even maps of your favorite locations. Rather than just displaying your most recent activities, your profile will become a scrapbook documenting your entire life, all the way back to your birth. Facebook will become a record of your existence: All your memories, your victories and your defeats, your loves, your losses and everything in between.”

Pete Cashmore is founder and CEO of Mashable, a popular tech-news blog. He writes occasional columns about social networking and tech for CNN.com.

If you want to go ahead and change your profile to “Facebook Timeline”, CLICK HERE for the instructions.

CLICK HERE to read Pete Cashmore’s full article on CNN.


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