iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S: Who Cares — We Want It!

There is major speculation regarding the new iPhone/iPhones being released tomorrow, so here are some general tidbits gathered across the internet for your viewing pleasure.

— The phone will be called the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

— It likely will cost $200 with a 2-year wireless service contract from AT&T or Verizon.

— The iPhone may come to Sprint, too. (But not T-Mobile, as Mark Milian reports).

— It will be “skinnier, shorter and wider” than before, according to Gizmodo, which is basing these assumptions on supposed leaked cases for the phone and on “informed renderings.”

— PC World (irony noted) expects the iPad’s faster processor to squeeze its way into the iPhone.

— The phone will have a “teardrop” back, meaning it’s fatter at the top than the bottom, according to the blog This is My Next. The iPhone 4 is flat on both sides.

— It may have a “world mode,” meaning it could transition onto other cell networks easily.

— It will have an upgraded, 8-megapixel rear camera.

— It may employ new voice-recognition features, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. His evidence? That e-mail Apple sent to journalists: “Let’s talk iPhone.” Voice-recognition. Get it?

— It’s possible Apple will unveil not one — but TWO iPhones.

— If so, the second likely will be cheaper and will have less storage capacity. Some bloggers have taken to calling it the iCloud Phone, because it could tie in with Apple’s new cloud-computing services. (Side note: Al Gore, an Apple board member, gave some credence to the second-iPhoners when he mentioned “the new iPhonescoming out next month” during a speech in South Africa).

— Based on Apple’s past iPhone release patterns, the phone (or phones) will likely go on sale later this month (most bloggers predict mid-October).

To read the entire article from CNN CLICK HERE


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