Can Entrepreneurship Training Really Decrease Unemployment?


I have seen many articles related to this issue and all of them provide different answers. What we have to do is step back and truly take a look at the real issue at hand, unemployment. Why are people unemployed? They lack the education, experience, training, etc., in order to find a job they are willing to work. One thing people run into is underemployment, working a job that requires much less skill or experience than you possess. Even though you are employed, you are not receiving the sufficient salary and stimulation at work to feel happy about what you are doing. This takes us back to entrepreneurial training. If you have experience in entrepreneurship, you are much more eager to seek out entrepreneurial endeavors, or to study whether a certain idea would be profitable. You can see where I’m leading. Some say that you either have the entrepreneurial spirit or not. I believe this to a certain extent. With knowledge and experience, you become confident in your ability to run a small business. To become a doctor, you become educated first, then gain experience. The same happens with entrepreneurship, especially with people born into entrepreneurial families. For those who are not as lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, we can provide an educational backing for them to be able to seek out entrepreneurial interactions. I would love to hear your comments on this idea, so please do not hesitate to leave one.

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