Is Your Morning Commute Productive Enough to Start A Company?

Today we read an article about Ben Wallach and Alex Bravy, a couple of tech guys from Chicago who essentially created and developed a company during their morning and afternoon commute, from Highland Park, Illinois to Chicago and back. The commute lasted roughly 45 minutes each way by train, therefore creating a more enjoyable riding experience and environment than a car. Their journey began years earlier when they met in high school. A stroke of luck put them on the same commute to Chicago due to their expertise in technology and successful integration into the tech workforce. On their commutes they began discussing different things they eventually wanted to do in the future, which led to the discussion of more complex business ideas. In comes Web2Carz, a car-shopping resource, and the team began building the foundational features around the basics of car shopping such as applying for a loan, finding a vehicle, and contacting sellers. Bravy then began working on the business development aspect of the business by setting up meetings on the morning commute, then executing the meeting during lunch, or on the commute home in order to respect his current employer. On the other hand, Wallach focused on coding, designing, and creating mockups while in transit. As he puts it:

“If you have a laptop and wireless card, the sky is the limit in terms of where you can work from. You can really work from anywhere in the world — trains, planes, automobiles. That’s really the way we went about it, trying to be efficient with our time by utilizing the morning commute, the afternoon commute, and moonlighting beyond that on the weekends and at nights whenever we had time.”

The main question still looms though. How much work can you possibly get done on a commute? Surprisingly a lot, both of them say. The key is finding a comfortable spot where you can trade ideas back and forth clearly and confidently. If you are able to effectively communicate ideas and feelings, then there is no reason you can’t develop a company anywhere that seems reasonably fit.

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One thought on “Is Your Morning Commute Productive Enough to Start A Company?

  1. I actually worked on the business plan for one of my ventures, while commuitng on the Metro in DC. It wasn’t the easiest place to concentrate – but what else are you going to do for 45 minutes (each way)???

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