Climbing Out of Recovery: SunTrust Sells Stake in Coca-Cola Co.










Is this a good move or a terrible move? Obviously SunTrust needed assistance this year with their bottom line, especially to please stockholders. The recession had a pretty serious effect on SunTrust, but overall their financial stability was sound because of internal regulations in place that nixed predatory lending. This was their saving grace. Even though there are parts of their business that got hit hard, especially a number of bad loans lent, they essentially came out on top in Atlanta. This has not helped with their lackluster numbers throughout 2012. This is why they have decided to sell their stake, originally valued at $100,000 at the initial investment, they sold their stake for over $2 Billion cash. That is some serious money and will definitely help thew bottom line, but was it the correct decision? Coke continues to grow and expend every single day, and I only see the company becoming larger and more profitable. Let me know what you think about this business deal.
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