A Fresh Fall Landscape Can Attract Buyers

Improving you curb appeal is easier than you think.

By C. Mark Willix

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This week we welcomed my second favorite season when autumn arrived over the weekend. While spring remains my favorite time of year, autumn brings with it a hearty helping of fall festivals, county fairs and of course delicious holiday food.

Autumn also brings buyers to the local real estate market and with them an opportunity to help your property stand out as the most attractive in your neighborhood. This is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year as buyers are looking for great deals after the summer rush season and still want to be in their new home for the holidays. Inventory is still low for our area and it is a great time for sellers to entice buyers, but that doesn’t mean sellers can ignore their property condition.

Even if you don’t want to go to a lot of trouble or expense, you can still make your home attractive by making sure to keep the falling leaves raked and prune any end-of-season dying blooms on your bushes, shrubs and trees. While keeping the landscape tidy is sufficient, a few simple improvements can be done with a modicum of effort and expense.

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Suitors bombard Hong Kong tycoon’s gay daughter after dowry

HONG KONG (Reuters) – The newly married lesbian daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon who offered a $65 million “marriage bounty” to any man able to win her love, on Thursday said she’d been flooded by marriage proposals but harbored no animosity towards her father.

Since Hong Kong property billionaire Cecil Chao, known in the tabloid media for his prolific womanizing, dangled a $65 million reward for any man able to lead his daughter, Gigi Chao, down the aisle, she says she’s been bombarded by marriage proposals from strangers, date requests, and even an offer from a Hollywood film producer to buy her story.

“War veterans from the U.S., someone from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, from Istanbul, South America, Portugal, really just from all over the world,” said Chao, sifting through emails on a white Apple laptop in her father’s high-rise office tower.

One suitor from the United States wrote: “I’m interested in your offer to wed your daughter, who also happens to be gay. I am a male person, who also happens to be gay.”

Another put up his brother, a body double to George Clooney in the 2008 sports flick “Leatherheads” as a potential mate: “He could be the picture perfect date that your father craves.”

“I’ve tried my best to respond to well-meaning ones … but most of them I just try not to open,” added the frizzy-haired Chao, who was wearing a silver ring after what she called a “church blessing” with her girlfriend in a Paris church.

Gigi said her billionaire father, who drives a Rolls Royce and flies a helicopter but had a poor early childhood in Shanghai, had been upset when his daughter’s longtime lover revealed the couple had wed in Paris in April, leading to his impromptu HK$500 million “marriage bounty” offer to any man able to set her straight.

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Looking for the best home deals in the best places?

We continuously hear the debate about the best prices and discounts in the best cities on the best houses. Whether it’s the west coast, northeast, south or plain old inland Florida, we constantly search for the best houses at the best prices. This article discusses these issues and even displays huge price breaks. Enjoy!

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Real Estate Billionaire Jorge Perez On Why Cities Need Museums

By Kerry A. Dolan Forbes Staff

Jorge Perez has a bit of an inferiority complex about Miami. He loves the city, but he knows it doesn’t have a world class museum. So he’s trying to change that, with a pledge to give the Miami Art Museum a mix of cash to fund a new building that will bear his name. He’s also donating some of his own collection of Latin American art. Altogether the gift will be worth between $35 million and $40 million, Perez says. I sat down with Perez at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, held in New York City in June, to talk about what motivates him to give and why he chose to support Miami’s art museum.

“I have always loved art passionately,” Perez says. He started collecting Latin American art when he left South America as a way to hold on to his culture.

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The World’s Most Expensive House

By Frances Perraudin

It’s set to be quite a housewarming.

India’s richest man, and Forbes’s fourth richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has built the world’s most expensive house in Mumbai. It is estimated to be worth $1 billion.

The lavish building– named Antilia, after the mythical island– has 27 stories, is 173 meters high and has 37,000 square meters of floor space — more than the Palace of Versailles. It contains a health club with a gym and dance studio, at least one swimming pool, a ballroom, guestrooms, a variety of lounges and a 50-seater cinema. There are three helicopter pads on the roof and a car park for 160 vehicles on the ground floors. It’s obviously quite a job keeping all this running smoothly, so the house, if you can call it that, also boasts a staff of 600. And all this for just Ambani, his wife and their three children to enjoy.

Experts are saying that there is no other private property of comparable size and prominence in the world, reports The Guardian. It has come as a surprise to some that Ambani, known as one of the more quite and down to earth of the world’s billionaires, would flash his immense wealth in such a public way, especially after India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh, has called on business leaders to “eschew consumption” and “be role models of moderation.” – It’s very cool, but moderate this home is not.

Raising Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurs? Read Them This Book

By Andy Ellwood, Contributor, The art and the science of hustle

There are a lot of factors successful entrepreneurs look back on when describing the path that led them to their current ring side seats at the intersection of innovation and business. No matter what industry they’re in, there are always stories they pointed to in their early years. Whether it is Bill Gates living a few blocks away from the University of Washington‘s computer facilities or Jack Dorsey growing up with an obsession for maps and how small pieces of information travel, there are curiosities and patterns that seem to form at a very early age.

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Atlanta-based developer sets sights on metro area

By Greg Bluestein

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta-based developer Carter has landed a string of major recent projects outside Georgia, and now is setting its sights within the state in hopes of sniffing out some promising deals.

Company president Scott Taylor said the company is hoping to launch a $50 million project for a health-care facility near Piedmont Hospital in 2013 and is considering another $50 million plan to build an office tower atop a parking deck at Lindbergh City Center.

“We’re incredibly hopeful that we can have some development in Atlanta in the near future,” said Taylor.

New development here would represent a homecoming of sorts for the company.

It is is a developing a $50 million project in Columbus, Ohio, a $73 million mixed-use deal in Cincinnati and a $40 million student housing complex in Oxford, Miss. It also plans about $100 million in deals in Louisiana and Oklahoma.
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